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COLIAN -no talk, only splatters

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Fitted cotton T-shirt with boob pocket. They're super soft and dramatized with hand-finishing: bronze eyelets, embroidery, paint-on graphics in Dada drips and splatters (this is real oil paint that leaves a textured surface -it won't run away in the wash), and general razzmatazz and voodoo, not necessarily in that order. Embroidery and eyelets break up the pocket and bottom right side and an eyelet also punctures the right sleeve. I doubled the sleeve hems and collar (4 layers of material) and cut them open to curl the cotton. I dripped/drew with paint on the left sleeve and right bottom side, hip-level (can be seen a bit from the back, too). Last thing, I slashed paint up the belly and chest.

The size and colors are standardized and the embroidery and eyelet placement pretty much mostly standardized but each shirt suffers it's paint abuse differently i.e. not standardized. So each victim is unique and one of a kind. The shirt you buy is not going to look exactly like the photo, thank buddha. Close but not exact. It would be mucho easier to make a silk screen with every drip and splatter in its mapped-out place but that's the boring predictable production I don't want. Get risky, get frisky. So you don't know exactly what it's going to look like...awesome. Check my output on the website and you'll know what I'm doing and if you're copacetic with it. If after you receive the shirt you're feeling a lot of hate, send it back.

Size-wise, these shirts aren't baggy, hip-hop style, with shoulders at your elbows; they're more form fitting. I'm about 5 ft 10 inches/155 pounds (that's me in the pic) and I wear the medium. They will shrink about 5%, also. Wash them in cold water (and no hot dryer) a few times at first so they don't end up wash-cloth size. 

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