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duds. things for keepin' it in place. bags to haul different sized stuff.
I will try not to use exclamation points (bin all punctuation-put question mark here)
Things made from cloth (a pliable material generally constructed by weaving, felting, or knitting natural or synthetic fibers and filaments) and leather (animal skin dressed for use or the flap of the ear of a dog) most often employed in the following services not necessarily in order of prevalence: covering unsightly skin conditions, warmth (while looking cool), COOL (with intention of looking HOT), porter services and anger management, irritation amplification, relationship facilitation, employment manifestation, SEX, individuality advertising, comfort, beauty, and last but not least, salad.

how to meld art and utility in clothing and accessories with honesty and creativity, all the while maintaining affordability for the wearer and profitability for the creator.

Awards voted #1 in Las Vegas
Products Men's clothing and accessories (Women, feel free to partake): t shirts, shirts, pants, shorts, bags, belts, goobleygooks, etc...urban myths/rock vibes. homeless junkie of rich parents but ultimately means well. dark colors. Bauhaus marries Dada.

RIVER OF DRUTHERS: leather cotton vetements bags fags hags cool different unique piquant honest style fashionable cool unusual not sloppy punk dada surrealism chance material price pattern quantity weather button embroidery luck soft texture mystery real surprise compliment weight color shrink length size sewing cutting dye difficult complicated simple easy stiff soft stripes denim snaps hardware thickness finish handmade grommets buckle factory selling point thread size thread color sellable gay rock n roll messy unfinished silk screen nighttime new york urban target man woman sex booze stretch button hole collar shoulders neck-line chest sleeves legs arm-hole punch drying paint time production ruin sandpaper steel wool knife grinder glue lining polyester linen bangkok chiang mai italy exhibition las vegas berlin money stupid ugly failure fit exception.

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