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Patient Belongings

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Do you know that Velvet Underground song where the guy sends himself through the postal service in a box? I'll bet that was a really big box. 

The Patient Belongings is a messenger-style bag made from extremely soft, 2 mm-thick chamois leather. The body of the bag is fashioned from a giant single section of leather with no cuts. This is an expensive but beauty-in-design driven undertaking. A second large piece is used in the construction of the top flap closure. Thus, only two parts are used to build the core of the bag. This is "KISS" in action: Keep It Simple, Stupid. 

To the front of the bag we added double-leather, double-length adjustable front closure straps with metal fasteners. Between these we put a large keep-safe pocket closed with a super-size bronze zipper. Secured on the two sides of the bag and bridging the top is a 2-inch wide double-thick strap with a hefty twin-pin buckle and Italian bronze eyelets (bronze won't rust, steel will). A 9.5 inch sliding all-leather-construction cushion cradles your shoulder to soften heavy loads. On the cavernous inside, you will find the bag completely lined in prison-grade sepia-toned indigo/cream striped cotton denim and a trio of holding cells: two giant toss pockets lined in denim and leather, one on each side of the bag front and back, and a third keep-safe pocket with bronze zipper closure sharing a cell wall with the back-side toss pocket. 

Proclaimer: this is a heavy bag. If you are in the market for something light-weight this bag will disappoint you. It was designed for quality, durability, and beauty, and expense has not been spared. Weight and money saving options such as thin leather, multiple cut/patch-work construction, polyester lining, cheap rust-inviting eyelets, plastic zippers, etc... were eschewed. This bag was built to last.

The exterior is finished in Dada swirls and splatters, of both premeditated and chance origin. These techniques make each bag unique and one of a kind (this refers to the finish only and not the bag design).

The bag is designed to be rugged and dirt and water will only make it laugh; the materials used in its construction are both strong and resistant. Dirt can be easily wiped off and liquids will not readily penetrate. Toss it on the ground, spill coffee on it, sit on it, chuck it under your bed: you can try to kill it but you will only make it stronger. 

Please note: naturally occurring variations in the leather such as wrinkles, scuffs, speckles, and scars, and sometimes the brand on the cow hide, have been sought and searched for in the choosing of the skins for the making of these bags. They give beauty and character and ruggedness. They are a link to the natural, organic, non-manufactured origins of the leather (for "perfect" there is always PVC…yuck). They are unique to each skin and thus to each bag. And you won't have to worry about treating them roughly and dirtying or damaging them.  Dark dyed leathers may at times transfer dye to lighter colored materials in the beginning weeks of its life when damp and in constant contact (such as a damp shoulder strap on a white shirt). 

The dimensions: Yikes! BIG! The width across the top is 27 inches/69 cm. On the back side, from the top of the bag to the seat is 13 inches/33 cm. The depth of the bag at the bottom is 7.5 inches/19 cm. The 2 inch/5 cm wide shoulder strap length is adjustable from 33 inches/84 cm to 44 inches/112 cm. The front outside pocket measures 11 inches/28 cm x 8 inches/20 cm. The 3 inner pockets measure 13 inches/33 cm x 8.5 inches/22 cm. Weight is just under 5 pounds or slightly over 2 kilograms.

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