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Reperdus -traveller bag

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Unusual…Unique…Striking… Extremely soft, 2mm thick oiled chamois leather coupled with heavy-duty extra-thick waxed 22 oz. cotton canvas makes for a tough and durable weekender travel bag. On the top are two large deep pockets lined in Italian wool, with extra large heavy duty zippers. Fully loaded, they will expand to fill the whole cargo area of the bag. In one of these pockets hides an additional smaller zippered pocket for keys, wallet, phone, medical marijuana, etc... Laterally, there is another heavy-duty zippered pocket, bag-wide in size, that opens the belly of the bag. This can be used in conjunction with the top pockets or alone as an alternative if all your items are large and bulky. It has been left raw and natural and unlined. Think of it as the trunk of a car or a large industrial loft space. 

The Reperdus, as the bag is named, is hand-waxed and then finished in Dada swirls, splatters of earth tones, and oceans of mottled color that permit both premeditated and chance artistic happenings. In addition, the canvas and leather are manipulated through various modes of distressing. These techniques make each bag unique and one of a kind (this refers to the finish only and not the bag design). 


On arrival, the canvas will be stiff but with use will quickly soften and develop naturally-formed creases and wrinkles, much like the leather. Its own unique patina


Dimensions of the bag are 63cm/25in long, 38cm/15in wide, and 24cm/9.5in deep. Weight is 1.9kg/4.2lbs.

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