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Officine -documentia

Product ID: Document bag 

Elegant yet streetwise. Classic though edgy. Black but white...? I don't know, it's just cool and hit's the right dusky notes of mystery making it hard to pin down. Extremely soft and durable -2mm thick oiled chamois cowhide. Zippered top closure with fold over double leather flap. Expandable sides with quick-release YKK zippers. Italian striped wool lining and hardware. Super long adjustable shoulder strap. Sturdy grab handles. Inner zippered keep-safe pocket. Against-the-body back side keep-safe zippered pocket. 


The OFFICINE is rugged and designed to be used hard. Allowing it to obtain a well-seasoned, broken-in countenance will make it happiest. The materials used in its construction are both strong and resistant. Dirt and water will only make it laugh; dirt can be easily wiped off and liquids will not readily penetrate. Toss it on the ground, spill coffee on it, sit on it, chuck it under your bed: you can try to kill it but you will only make it stronger. 


The dimensions: Height is 13in/33cm. Width is 15in/38cm. Depth at top, with side zippers open, 6in/15cm. Weight is 2.5lbs/1.15 kg.

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