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Saturnia -bLackpack

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Extremely soft and durable -2mm thick 100% chamois cowhide. Over-size metal zippers. Zippered size pocket, back-of-strap pocket, inner pocket, and zippered top closure. Magnetic catches on the top side hood flaps and metal buckles on the front hood flap. Magnetic catch on the strap pocket closure. Stainless steel fastener. Metal grommets and D-rings and light-weight striped wool lining imported from Italy. 


This bag is rugged and designed to be used hard. Allowing it to obtain a well-seasoned, broken-in countenance will make it happiest. The materials used in its construction are both strong and resistant. Dirt and water will only make it laugh; dirt can be easily wiped off and liquids will not readily penetrate. Toss it on the ground, spill coffee on it, sit on it, chuck it under your bed: you can try to kill it but you will only make it stronger. 


The dimensions: Height is 16.5in/42cm. Width is 12.6in/32cm. Depth is 4.7in/12cm. Weight is 3.3lbs/1.5 kg.

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