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Diet Plan -wallet

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Less is not always more.

Pure vegetable leather on the outside, stressed, dressed, and depressed with colors/paints/dyes/oils/polishes/urine (ok, no  urine). The inside of the wallet has an oil leather facing with more veggie leather forming the 4 card sleeves, cash depot, and tongue (for the no-rust nickel-plated bronze eyelet). Their is a #5 YKK metal zipper to securely close the large inner pocket (you could have a loft party in there) and the whole Diet Plan features hand sewing and hand detailing (where God resides). The vegetable leather provides for a stiffer ride than the all oil chamois leather No Carbs wallet. And not only a hardier feel but the use of veggie also allows me to hand detail it differently than the oil leather. Having the two different kinds of leather in one item lends a nice contrast of tactile sensation on the hand. Having said this, it will soften considerably and quickly with use.
All Diet Plans come with a 50 to 60 centimeter/20 to 23 inch leash in soft oil-chamois cow hide so you can be sure you won't lose it.  It can also be removed and used as a key chain.

Each Diet Plan is a unique item. The structure is the same but the designs and detailing are always different and ever changing. 

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